GoLean Radical Burn 180 Caps



1. Fat Burn: An effective blend of actives work to boost your metabolism resulting in a higher rate of calorie expenditure. 2. Appetite Control: Our natural cocktail focuses onregulating your blood sugar, curbing the appetite and reducing cravings byinducing feelings of satiety. We haveincluded some of the most effective high-fiber ingredients that swell in your stomach making you feel full. 3. Energy: The combination of energy boostingingredients ensure that you have enough fuel and drive to power through your exercise regimen and a working day.
Take 2 capsules * with at least 250ml water, 3 x daily, before meals.By spreading out the dose throughout the day you are maximizing the time that GoLean is working!For best results add 25 drops of GoLean Daily Drops to the 250ml water when taking your dose of Radical Burn.
Vitamin B6 > 5.1 mgReduces tiredness and fatigue.Vitamin B12 > 0.0072 mg,Reduces tiredness and fatigue.Chromium Picolinate > 0.45 mg,Maintenance of normal blood glucose levels.Zinc Gluconate > 33 mg,Normalises metabolism of carbohydrates and fatty acids.Potassium Chloride > 30 mg,Healthy muscle contractions, nerve function and fluid balance.Glucomannan > 6000 mg,Promotes a feeling of fullness. Reduces the uptake of fat.Psyllium Husk > 2340 mg,Improves digestion, blood sugar, satiety.Choline Bitartrate > 15 mg,Metabolises fats.Creates feeling of satiety.Garcinia Cambogia Fruit Extract > 300 mg,Ups the fat-burning potential of the body.Cinnamon Bark Extract > 360 mg,Stabilizes blood sugar levels.BioPerine® > 15 mgIncreases metabolism by improving thermogenesis.