Revive Ultra Sculpt



The future in body sculpting Revive Ultra Sculpt Multifunctional Body and Muscle Toner is a pure protein powder that is made up of clinically verified high performance specialized Bioactive Collagen Peptides designed to decrease fat mass , increase lean muscle mass and provide more muscle strength to one’s body in combination with resistance training. Due to its specific amino acid composition, and excellent bioavailability Ultra Sculpt stimulates fat and muscle metabolisms leading to an overall improved body composition. Product Benefits: Improvement of body composition Increasing lean mass (muscle mass) Decreasing fat mass (fat) Accelerate the process of recovery from muscle damage induced by intense exercise Supports overall musculoskeletal health Improves overall joint and bone strength Anti-Inflammatory Pain Alleviating The science behind revive ultra sculpt Revive’s clinically verified High-Performance Specialized Bioactive Collagen Peptides are physiologically active polypeptides, obtained from the protein found in collagen. The mode of action involves cell signaling – an effect which goes beyond the basic nutritional role of protein. Due to the specific molecular weight and amino acid composition, these highly activated peptides have the ability to directly stimulate the metabolism of targeted tissue cells within the body to produce specific health benefits. In this case Revive Ultra Sculpt significantly stimulates the mTOR pathway and the AMPK enzyme. The availability and activity of this key polypeptide is essential for protein metabolism. Protein metabolism ensures the balance between protein synthesis and protein degradation. Greater protein synthesis than breakdown indicates an anabolic state that builds lean muscle tissues. Furthermore Revive Ultra Sculpt influences fat metabolism. A sufficient energy supply is essential for the proliferation of muscle cells and the synthesis of new muscle tissue. The AMPK enzyme is responsible for the energy transfer within the muscle cells. The stimulation of AMPK leads to an increase in fatty acid metabolism, which provides more energy for the cells and results in a reduction of fat mass. Due to the specific amino acid composition and excellent bioavailability Revive ULTRA SCULPT stimulates both fat and muscle metabolism, leading to an improved body composition.
20,000 mg of Ultra Sculpt Specialized Bioactive Collagen Peptides per Serving 19.5 g of Protein per Serving Type 1 CollagenApprox. 21 day serving